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Hoang Su Phi – Heaven of the north Vietnam

Hoang Su Phi Terraced Rice Fields

Hoang Su Phi fantastic terraced rice fields are the off-the-beaten-track and imposing destination  in Ha Giang Vietnam. Especially during the harvest season (often falls in September and October), the natural fields are carpeted yellow on the extensive areas, which appeal to nature lovers and people who look for Viet Nam Photo Tours.

What makes this remote area of Ha Giang Province notable is the fascinating terraced rice fields. Some of you might hear of Ha Giang via the valuable Dong Van Karst Geo-park, but the highlight that actually makes this destination crowded during September and October is the stunning rice terraces with the big yellow carpets. In particular, the must-visit places for the most beautiful terraces lie along and nearby the road between Hoang Su Phi and Xi Man in which the terraces are inscribed as the Vietnamese National Heritage.

Any photograph taken in Hoang Su Phi can join the competitions of Nature Photography, so it’s not a surprise that you can find many landscape photographers along the expedition. Taking this natural landmark as the excellent choice for Nature Photography, the artists gather there most when the crops turn yellow. Surrounding the gorgeous terraces are the deeply picturesque valleys, the spacious green trees, and the ethnic houses for cultural exploration.

Not only does Hoang Su Phi bring the fruitful crops to the local ethnic groups, but it also serves as one of the most captivating attractions in Ha Giang. As the home to 12 ethnic groups, this place delivers the rich culture via the hill-tribe markets of LaChi, Tay, Nung, Hmong, Dao, etc., in which you see their trading customs, exceptional clothing, unique products for sales, and friendly manner.

Travel to Hoang Su Phi for Photographing

In the early autumn, both domestic and foreign nature fanciers travel to Hoang Su Phi to shoot the magical moments when the terraced rice fields turn yellow with the ripe grain of rice. The area becomes ideal for various photography tours, hiking tours, trekking tours, and homestay experience in the hill-tribe houses. While the tours of photography, hiking, or trekking shower you with dozens of sweet and unforgettable memories as well as the admirable albums, the homestay lets you enjoy the authentic lifestyle of the hill tribes. In general, the imposing landscape and hill-tribe ethnic people are the two keys for the Hoang Su Phi Photography Tours.

Motorcycle to Hoang Su Phi – Adventure Option for Photographers

The motorcycle is amongst the best means of transport to get around Ha Giang. It brings the flexibility to reach the hidden corner of the mountainous land and stop by any preferred site for exploration. If you are about to ride a bike to Hoang Su Phi, then know that there are four stopovers to refill the petrol in full namely Ha Giang City, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Mau De. When you hire a motorbike, you will receive a paper list of the petrol suppliers along the streets. Remember to follow the traffic rules such as wearing the helmets, driving carefully and slowly on the zigzag segments, having the protection garments for the arms and the legs, etc.

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